Business Listings Scan Tool

One of the first steps in Local SEO and ranking higher in local searches is making sure that you have your business listed in the online directories and review sites. Listings are referred to as citations and the better citations you have the better chances you have ranking for the keywords and search terms customers are typing into Google. The most important factor about these business listings is you have up-to-date information about your business listed and your citations are accurate. Some of these online business listings could have been added to these directories many of ways and not directly by you, which causes a lot of the information about your business incorrect. Incorrect information about your business will hurt your local rankings including losing distrust with a potential buyer. 

With this Business Listings Management Scan Tool, you are able to see how your business is presented to those that are searching for you online, where your business is listed and if the information is correct or not. Remember, it's important to be listed in many of these directories and review sites so you can compete with you local competitors for these searches.  Take a few minutes and fill out the basic information about your business and our scan tool will deliver you a report showing you where and how your business is listed online.